Your Data, Your Products & Your RevenueARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
With Smarter Humans

Chatterbox has a statistical Enterprise Artificial Intelligence offering that has embedded Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning & Transfer Learning within our Cognitive Engine

Our ethos is to collaborate and conquer together.

Why Partner?

Chatterbox Labs is a data science company that provide partners with source code access and modification rights to our Cognitive Engine. You can build new products in days with unlimited internal use and a reseller model is available to strategic partners.

Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning & Transfer Learning capability that delivers ROI within 3 months.

All Chatterbox Labs’ Intellectual Property is built in house.

Reasons for a partnership

  • Chatterbox are the only data science company who provision on premise with full source code and modification rights
  • Chatterbox only work with partners; we don't sell direct to the enterprise
  • Speed to market: create products in days with your data to drive new revenue opportunities
  • No need for expensive data scientists; the data science is done, train graduate level programmers with 3+ years Java experience to build products in 2 days
  • Your data, your products & your revenue
  • Proven partner GTM driving multi-million operational savings and new product revenues
  • 50+ man years of R&D by world class PhD scientists from lauded universities

5 step engagement process; up and running within 3 days:

  1. Sign a mutual NDA
  2. 3 hour deep dive
  3. Deploy in 2 hours onsite
  4. 1 day onsite training non Data Scientists
  5. 1 day onsite workshop building products with your data

3 types of partnership

Licensed in technology
Revenue share
Joint venture; emerging markets only