Why The Cognitive Engine?

PhD educated scientists spent 6+ years in R&D outposts across lauded global AI academic institutions prior to successful commercial exploitation.

Chatterbox's Cognitive Engine accelerates and enables partners to effortlessly leverage comprehensive Artificial Intelligence technology within days without the need for on-boarding Data Science expertise.

Chatterbox's proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology which encompasses Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning & Transfer Learning techniques and methods delivers an end-to-end Enterprise AI offering for processing textual and numerical data at scale.

The Cognitive Engine is made of constituent components that define processes and methods for agile development of new Artificial Intelligence products within days. Within the Engine we have training graphs, automated parameter selection, statistical ML, classification, real-time prediction engine & testing.

Allow Subject Matter Experts to build and deliver enterprise AI outcomes in days.

Dynamic Learning

Drawing on Cognitive Science methods and techniques within Artificial Intelligence, (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning & Transfer Learning) Chatterbox Labs differentiates by using a process called Dynamic Learning to build statistical models of both text and numerical data. On the text side, it is imperative that any technology recognizes both formal and slang language, industry specific nuances and mixed language texts without having to craft and maintain expensive and slow rules. The Cognitive Engine doesn't use keywords, dictionaries or boolean queries - instead it achieves world leading performance by training the computer to automatically and continually learn from text and numerical data.

Source Code Deployment

The Cognitive Engine runs on the JVM, which provides an Enterprise ready extensible and customizable environment for experimenting, testing and training production ready Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning classifiers; which also provide a real-time prediction engine optimized for massive parallelization.

This is not offered as a Software as a Service solution, instead partners have full access and modification rights to the source code, deployed and updated via a private repository. This enables partners to ensure privacy of client data, scale without latency and modify the codebase to align and integrate with other internal initiatives.

Speed, Accuracy & Volume

148k messages classified per second on 9 threads. 36k on a single.
600k Times faster than people at classifying data.
100% stateless so you can parallelize
83-91%  Accuracy
Setup within your firewall within 48 hours
Deployed in the cloud within minutes

Cognitive Engine Market Positioning

  • Non-data scientists building Cognitive outcomes in hours
  • Data privacy, governance & control remains in your hands
  • Maximise and exploit existing data lakes
Professional Services:
  • Build repeatable automation across multiple industries
  • Grow Intellectual Property assets to avoid margin erosion
  • Build your own strategic AI practise in weeks
  • Extensible Engine for Data Science Experimentation & Discovery
  • Embed in your SaaS Big Data Platform
  • Built on the Java Virtual Machine for Enterprise scale

The Cognitive Engine

Chatterbox's Cognitive Engine encapsulates the Dynamic Learning process. The engine has 6+ years of IP allowing for training graphs, automated parameter selection, statistical ML, classification, real-time prediction and testing without the need for Data Scientists or code level changes. Partners have the ability to leverage the Engine to build new Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning products for new industries, use cases and languages to address complex business scenarios.

Partners are empowered to realize the true value of their own data. Having access to source code and modification rights ensures data privacy, minimizes latency and retains in-house control.