Commercialising Artificial Intelligence (AI) with OUTCOMES!

  • Andrew Watson
  • June 10, 2016

70% of the world’s leading companies are considering AI and the impact deploying such technology would have within their business.

The reality is AI has been around for decades, however, compute power and the seismic drop in the cost of processing data means that early market movers will share considerable competitive advantage over their competitors.

A host of lauded technology CEOs claim that AI will have a greater business impact than social, cloud and mobile put together, this is some statement when you consider these are all multi-billion dollar industries within their own right.

The US technology market for AI is exploding in front of our eyes, yet other regions such as UK&I, EMEA, APAC and Indian markets are somewhat nascent, sceptical and still testing the water.

Here at Chatterbox Labs we are seeing global corporations headquartered in the US looking for multi-lingual AI that can be deployed in lightning quick timeframes with speed, scale and accuracy outcomes.

The word “OUTCOME” within the AI field is somewhat distorted, therefore, we as a company derive this term to fall within 3 categories:

  1. Time saved automating business processes
  2. Operational cost savings achieved when combining machines with smart humans
  3. Sizeable New Revenues garnered with AI automation (new products in days)

The scepticism surrounding AI business benefit is fully justified within the market today in that many large organisations claim to have AI market ready today by spending tens of millions on advertising and TV campaigns. The reality is big organisations are still focused on selling a long term vision as opposed to the “here and now”.

Our partners are not waiting weeks, months and years to ascertain monetary wins. Partners are openly validating that ROI is within month 1 to 3 whereby their entire AI investment has been repaid.

Chatterbox Labs are delivering real world AI outcomes with our partners. Below is a synopsis of outcomes partners could expect when deploying Chatterbox AI.

Chatterbox Labs has a fluid process of engagement for on-boarding partners and providing them with end-to-end AI capability within 5 working days.

  1. Sign a mutual NDA
  2. 1 Day Deep Dive
  3. Deploy in 1 day onsite
  4. 2 Day onsite cross training internal team
  5. 2 Day onsite workshop building products with your data

In order to achieve such fluid AI capability our data science team here at Chatterbox Labs spent 6+ years in academia within some of the worlds most lauded AI universities.

Our speed and agility for on-boarding partners who are seeking AI capability that has proven outcomes is unrivalled within the AI market today.

About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs power cognitive solutions for the world’s leading technology and professional services companies. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine has the data science baked in; providing the constituent components required to create disruptive cognitive products in days. At its core are market leading statistical machine learning classifiers that operate with speed, scale and precision. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine can work with real–time short and long form data to embed cognitive intelligence into business processes and applications. Chatterbox Labs work with massive amounts of unstructured data, providing context and human like understanding to business information delivering time saving, operational cost reduction and new revenue opportunities across industries. Chatterbox Labs only sell via partners; providing them with full source code on premise and private cloud delivering high performance, privacy and control.

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