London, UK & New York, NY – 14th November 2022

Chatterbox Labs are pleased to announce that we have successfully been awarded another patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the area of Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

To date, with the proliferation of AI across the enterprise and governmental departments, the potential unintended consequences of AI are either being ignored or are unknown.  With the growing focus on trust in enterprise and government activities, in particular the need to protect individuals, organizations and societies from harm, the requirement to understand the risks associated with AI is critical and timely.

In line with our strong Research & Development strategy, the patent (number: US 11,494,689 B2) focusses on the generation of synthetic data at scale, which is critical to a number of methods that underpin the AI Model Insights (AIMI) platform.  Along with existing Intellectual Property, this synthetic data generation allows the methods to scale across an Enterprise AI model portfolio, irrespective of their underlying AI architecture.

As global regulators are increasingly introducing AI regulation (such as the EU AI Act and the US AI Bill of Rights), this patent allows enterprise organizations to take actionable steps to identify and mitigate potentially unknown AI risks.

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About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs is a Responsible AI company. Their software product, the AI Model Insights platform (AIMI) is used by global Enterprise organizations as part of their Responsible AI process to ensure their AI models are responsible, ethical and trustworthy.  Insights are given across eight pillars: Explain, Actions, Fairness, Vulnerabilities, Trace, Testing, Imitation and Privacy.  Independence in the process is ensured as AIMI does not build or train AI models.

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