RPA vs Cognitive Comparison – 2 Differing Value Propositions

  • Andrew Watson
  • September 21, 2016

Chatterbox Labs is a Cognitive data science company focused on delivering real world business outcomes that drive multi-million dollar outcomes. Our partners use our embedded Cognitive Engine with full source code and modification rights to deliver 1 if not all 3 outcomes for their clients:

  1. Time Savings
  2. Operational Cost Savings
  3. New Business Models driving significant revenues

As a company we often find ourselves explaining the key differences between RPA and Cognitive. Here is a diagram that clearly articulates the differences between the two:

Fundamentally, RPA and Cognitive are two completely different offerings that both have merit, however, we describe RPA as the “Finger Tapping” as opposed to the “Brain Mapping” of Cognitive.

RPA is a different and lower value proposition compared to Cognitive. Allow us to explain why;

  • RPA has NO Learning, NO Language, NO Context and NO Dynamic Learning whereas Cognitive is the brain behind all of these patterns and methods
  • RPA is Rules Based which means anytime something changes manual intervention is required and armies of staff are required in your back office. Cognitive is Multi-Lingual Statistical Machine Learning which means the machine automatically learns, iterates and improves over time with Active Learning Methods whilst running lean with a small team
  • RPA only works with 10% of the worlds data. Cognitive is built and ready to address 90% of the worlds data that is unstructured and not monetized…..RPA cannot address this market
  • RPA Average ROI is 14 minutes saving per task. Cognitive ROI is in seconds with multi-million dollar outcomes
  • RPA is focused on the seamless accuracy of replicating a workflow process. Cognitive is focused on processing 148K+ documents per second and achieving accuracy of 80%+ which is higher than human accuracy. Cognitive learns patterns within the data and does not require structure
  • The RPA “sweet spot” is that it can convert and prepare data quickly. Companies having an RPA solution in situ could accelerate Cognitive initiatives by having data “good to go”.

There is a place in the market for RPA but to compare Cognitive with RPA is wrong, they are two entirely different offerings that address different business challenges and desired outcomes.

RPA has a limited shelf life as enterprises moves away from rules based systems and move to Cognitive real-time dynamic outcomes that are future proof.

About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs power cognitive solutions for the world’s leading technology and professional services companies. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine has the data science baked in; providing the constituent components required to create disruptive cognitive products in days. At its core are market leading statistical machine learning classifiers that operate with speed, scale and precision. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine can work with real–time short and long form data to embed cognitive intelligence into business processes and applications. Chatterbox Labs work with massive amounts of unstructured data, providing context and human like understanding to business information delivering time saving, operational cost reduction and new revenue opportunities across industries. Chatterbox Labs only sell via partners; providing them with full source code on premise and private cloud delivering high performance, privacy and control.

For more information please visit our web site www.chatterbox.co or contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances, Andrew@chatterbox.co

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