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  • Andrew Watson
  • May 16, 2016

Turbocharge your business……reduce ‘work’ to seconds to deliver real-world outcomes that impact the bottom line.

Take back control with the Cognitive Engine

At Chatterbox Labs we are working with leading global technology and consulting organisations who are delivering our cognitive technology into their clients with remarkable speed and scale that is delivering exponential results. There are seemingly hundreds if not thousands of use cases across industry and geography that our Cognitive Engine can be applied to and the results are astonishing. ‘Work’ that used to take days, weeks or months to complete is literally being reduced to mere seconds opening up possibilities to further streamline or enhance other areas of ‘work’ in our partner client companies. Make no mistake our mantra is not to replace humans but to augment and enhance their existing skill-sets.

Everyone knows there is inefficiency embedded across organisations; whether they are public or private sector; large or small. Organisations change over time – that is a given; people come and go, strategy changes regularly these days, new technologies are applied and processes often don’t keep up let alone scale. Worse still in order to try and keep up the proverbial ‘sticking plaster’ is applied to try to keep some sense of control. Before long that ‘process’ becomes embedded; the chosen ‘way’ of doing something.

At the inaugural AI summit last week in London David Schatsky from Deloitte commented that there were 3 types of application for cognitive technology …”product, process and insight.” All 3 types rely on a common ingredient – DATA. At the conference it was noted that ‘AI’ is a technology that has been around for decades but has only came on industry’s radar recently and it is data that is fuelling the interest. The amount of data presents many challenges to the changing enterprise; often it is siloed in applications built over many years. Manual processes grow up around the need for ‘information’ to deliver service, to measure budgets, to forecast, to just keep up with the competition.

Taking Back Control

When ‘data’ gets out of control and you can’t keep up without throwing more and more resource at it then it’s time to deploy a cognitive solution. Machines can process at incredible scale and speed; far faster than humans and within seconds. Our partners teach the machine what to look for and it understands the context of the data its looking at; with an accuracy often beyond a human. Once taught it can have millions of pieces of data thrown at it; be it contracts, invoices, short and long documents and it will find what it needs to and act as its taught to. In deployments small and large globally our technology is tearing through data performing tasks that humans did in days / weeks or months in mere seconds. It doesn’t stop there either – the deployed solution keeps evolving; learning as it goes on; getting smarter with more data. It doesn’t stop working either; relentlessly present 24x7x365; if you need it real-time all the time. When change happens; the solution changes with you; build new machine learning products in days with our Cognitive Engine. New data sources, new insights, new focus on improvements; no problem – amend the models in days and deploy in minutes.

The most important component others neglect is to be in control of their own data. Chatterbox Labs put the power in your hands with full modification rights to our software (Cognitive Engine). As we say YOUR DATA, YOUR PRODUCTS and YOUR REVENUE

The only thing that limits business outcomes is not having the imagination to embrace automated change that will only enhance a human’s ability to become more productive.

About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs power cognitive solutions for the world’s leading technology and professional services companies. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine has the data science baked in; providing the constituent components required to create disruptive cognitive products in days. At its core are market leading statistical machine learning classifiers that operate with speed, scale and precision. The Chatterbox Cognitive Engine can work with real–time short and long form data to embed cognitive intelligence into business processes and applications. Chatterbox Labs work with massive amounts of unstructured data, providing context and human like understanding to business information delivering efficiency, cost reduction and new revenue opportunities across industries. Chatterbox Labs only sell via partners; providing them with full source code on premise and private cloud delivering high performance, privacy and control.

For more information please visit our web site www.chatterbox.co or contact Andrew Watson, VP Strategic Alliances, Andrew@chatterbox.co

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