The consequences of “misbehaving” AI can be daunting, so enterprises could be well served to follow specific steps toward ensuring trustworthy AI throughout its life cycle.

We’re pleased to share a collaborative article, published in the Wall Street Journal, by Chatterbox Labs’ CTO, Dr Stuart Battersby and Beena Ammanath, Executive Director at the Deloitte AI Institute.

The article, The Actionable Path to Deploying (and Maintaining) Ethical AI, focuses on specific steps that organisations can follow to operationalize trustworthy AI across three key components: People, Process and Technology.

“Assessing whether AI tools are functioning ethically can be challenging, especially for enterprises with multiple tools across a variety of use cases. An engaging approach to multi-stakeholder management, a framework for interrogating the ethical dimensions of AI, and tools that can simplify and scale the effort can help enterprises uphold high ethical standards for their AI programs.”

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