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Chatterbox Labs' Synthetic Data Generator is an industry first breakthrough for the preparation of machine learning ready data. This technology allows enterprises to tackle projects that were previously not possible. Our Synthetic Data Generator reduces the need for manually annotating or labelling data by up to 95%.

Chatterbox Labs' Cognitive Engine allows partners to build real-time Artificial Intelligence products without the need for Data Scientists.

Both technologies are multi-lingual and partners have full control of the source code and modification rights, with limitless opportunities under an annual enterprise license.

Chatterbox deploy the technologies within hours and partners are building production ready enterprise outcomes within 2 days.

Industry Focus:

  • Financial Services
  • Audit & Tax
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Advisory
  • Capital Markets
  • Procurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Management Team

Danny Coleman

Chief Executive Officer

Danny is an entrepreneurial and visionary executive with C-suite, advisory and board director experience in multiple technology sectors. He has established, managed and sold businesses within UK, US and Middle East markets.

His passion is building technology businesses from the ground up, maximising company valuation and executing the strategic plan within 3 to 5 years.

Dr Stuart Battersby

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and has a background in Computer Science. Over the past 15 years Stuart has built and researched human technologies both in industry and academia.

These encompass artificial intelligence, statistical machine learning & motion captured gestural interaction. Stuart leads all technical strategy at Chatterbox Labs.

Henrique Nunes

VP Engineering

Henrique's eclectic background spans genetic algorithm research in academia through to developing scalable data-driven systems.

He is passionate about crafting efficient, reliable and robust implementations of algorithms that meet the challenges of commercial deployment. Henrique leads software development at Chatterbox Labs.

Dr Zheng Yuan

VP Data Science

Zheng holds a PhD in Natural Language & Information Processing from Cambridge University, UK. She has extensive experience within the areas of Deep Neural Networks, NLP, Word Embeddings & Synthetic Data Generation. Zheng is an integral member of the team having been in-situ since company inception.

Dr Niall McCarroll

VP Operations

Niall has extensive experience of commercial software development, business process, operational execution and scaling enterprise machine learning. He has spent 10 years at SPSS and was acquired into IBM where he spent a further 9 years working on Machine Learning, most recently within the Watson Machine Learning team. Niall holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield titled Integrity Enforcement in Parallel Database Systems.

Niall is responsible for operations, and supporting the engineering & data science teams in building new products.

Data Science Leadership

Dr Ioannis Efstathiou

Reinforcement Learning

Ioannis holds a PhD in Reinforcement Learning from Heriott-Watt University, UK. With extensive experience applying reinforcement learning across dialogue systems, agent based simulations & data synthesis in both academic and commercial environments, Ioannis heads Chatterbox Labs' Reinforcement Learning implementations.

Gülce Kale

Data Privacy

Gülce holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. In academia, Gülce's work examined relationship inference and privacy in genomics, and the detection of cancer biomarkers using machine learning. At Chatterbox Labs, Gülce develops data synthesis methods using machine learning to protect privacy across commercially sensitive datasets.

Dr David Pearce

Language Understanding

David holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK focused on semantic similarity. At Chatterbox Labs, David is the catalyst for the development of language modelling technology and has previously worked across research and engineering roles within commercial environments.

Dr Mohamed Redha Sidoumou

Unsupervised Learning

Redha holds a PhD in Affective Computing from the University of Northampton, UK. He has worked across academia and industry building real world machine learning solutions exploiting multi-lingual text datasets. At Chatterbox Labs Redha experiments with and engineers commercial unsupervised learning software.

Alessandro Beltramo

Software Engineer

Alessandro holds an MSc in Computer Science with a thesis titled "Cascade Learning, parallelizing Machine Learning algorithms". He has a strong background in software engineering across multiple technologies.

As part of the engineering & science teams, Alessandro implements new technologies & thrives upon turning scientific experiments into real-world software with a strong focus on functional programming.