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Chatterbox Labs' Cognitive Engine allows partners to build real-time Artificial Intelligence products without the need for Data Science expertise.

With access to the Cognitive Engine, products can be built, customized & deployed across many industries and, being multi-lingual, exponential use cases can be addressed.

Partners have full control of the Cognitive Engine source code and modification rights, with limitless opportunities.

Chatterbox deploy the Cognitive Engine in 1 day; with partners building production ready products within 2 days.

Industry Focus:

  • Financial Services
  • Audit & Tax
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Advisory
  • Capital Markets
  • Procurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Image of Danny Coleman

Danny Coleman

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneurial and visionary executive with C-suite, advisory and board director experience in multiple technology sectors. Established, managed and sold businesses within UK, US and Middle East markets.

My passion is building technology businesses from the ground up, maximising company valuation and executing the strategic plan within 3 to 5 years.

DR Stuart Battersby

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and has a background in Computer Science. Over the past decade Stuart has built and researched human technologies both in industry and academia.

These encompass social video on the web, motion captured gestural interaction and statistical machine learning for textual data. Stuart leads all technical strategy & developments at Chatterbox.

Image of DR Stuart Battersby
Image of Henrique Nunes

Henrique Nunes

VP Engineering

Henrique's eclectic background spans genetic algorithm research in academia through to developing scalable data-driven systems.

He is passionate about crafting efficient, reliable and robust implementations of algorithms that meet the challenges of commercial deployment. Henrique leads software development at Chatterbox.