Our Products
Our patented AIMI platform delivers insights into any AI Model
Our approach is not to replace your existing AI investments. Instead, our AIMI platform sits as a layer on top of current AI assets or embedded within your existing workflow.
Highlights drift and decay of an AI model.
Reverse engineers the AI model to give reasons behind the decisions that were made
Assess how the AI model recommends changing data to reach a goal or target.
Benchmarks and assesses quality of service within AI models.
Identifies systemic unwanted bias hidden in the model with respect to configurable sensitive attributes, producing fine grained disparity metrics.
Automatically profiles and detects exploitable weaknesses in the AI model.
Demonstrate the risk of the AI model being imitated and business logic compromised
Evaluates datasets to determine the privacy risk associated with re-identification of people and their sensitive date
AIMI software IP is built from several novel AI Methods
Patented AutoML for business users
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Patented Synthetic Data Generator