AI Model Insights for Trustworthy & Fair AI

Our patented AIMI software can explain, trace, action, score bias and detect weaknesses in any AI Model

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90% of AI software projects fail. AIMI opens up the black box to unveil why

Integration & usage is varied:



Docker Container

Source code

Enterprise AI Software

  • Text, Image and Mixed Data (novel methods)
  • No Training Data Required
  • Explain, Trace & Action any AI models
  • Deployable via Docker containers with JSON, gRPC & OpenAPI
  • Pre-built connectors to AWS, Azure, gCloud & IBM Watson

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  • AutoML for business users & data scientists
  • Plethora of AI methods to address diverse use cases
  • Automated build, train and test in hours
  • Training workshop up and running within 3 hours
  • Enterprises can extend & integrate our software

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  • Delineate IP for data reusability & ownership
  • Reduce machine learning ready data by 95%
  • Create new datasets for use in regulated environments
  • Produce 1 million data points in 1 minute
  • Improve & enhance existing AI models

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