Enterprise AI is grappling with moving siloed data science projects to a centralised system of human centric processes and frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be termed “All Inclusive” as without a Multi-Stakeholder Management approach with leadership buy in, AI stays siloed, sat within labs or quite simply fails, hence an industry wide success rate of just 9%. Embracing change is essential to driving success with AI.

“All Inclusive” means that for any AI initiative there should be a diverse steering group governing the implementation of AI across their enterprise:

  • C-suite ownership
  • Data Governance Leader
  • Privacy Specialists
  • Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
  • Regulatory Domain Specialists
  • Head of Data Science
  • Head of AI Engineering
  • Process Improvement Leader
  • AI Programme Director
  • Centre of Excellence Leader (if in situ)

With the average enterprise spending $20M per annum on AI unless steering groups are formed then AI will never mitigate risk, meet regulation and truly scale their AI business.

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Here at Chatterbox Labs we’ve spent years building out our patented AI Model Insights Platform (AIMI) in order to unite steering groups and to deliver AI insights into every aspect of an AI model that is currently running free across the enterprise.

Uniting steering groups and automated AI insights is what we call “All Inclusive AI Governance”.

“All Inclusive AI Governance” ensures trust, ethics, fairness, regulation and transparency are top of mind pre-production and just as importantly post production when AI models constantly learn and require monitoring. AI is a never ending process once started.

If you would like to understand how those enterprises implementing “All Inclusive AI Governance” are moving the dial here is a short video of our AIMI platform:

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