Chatterbox Labs has been awarded Gartner Cool Vendor status for Enterprise AI Governance.

Gartner states that: Chatterbox Labs is cool at three levels:

  • Interpretable AI. Interpretability is the company’s original competency. Having filed several patents for methods that can be used on models regardless of where they were developed, Chatterbox Labs provides a platform to trace, interpret, assess bias and profile vulnerabilities for ML models throughout their lifecycle. That interpretability capability works with text, images, structured and mixed data types. Through the platform the company provides topical visualizations highlighting the variable effects and importance on models behaviors – for example through text segments in the case of NLP, color coding and matching in the case of image analysis.
  • Augmented ML. Chatterbox Labs also offers AutoML capabilities based on interpretability principles, allowing for the traceability of model drifts at the data, mathematical and business levels.
  • Synthetic data. Finally, the company also offers a synthetic data generator that uses patented reinforcement learning techniques under the hood. The technology can synthetize labelled data from unlabeled data sets, complete data from partially labeled data sets (using reinforcement learning techniques) and generate synthetic text data from text templates.

    Chatterbox Labs focus, ML platform agnosticism and its patented technology helps the company preserving its differentiation.

Dr Stuart Battersby, Chief Technology Officer at Chatterbox Labs, commented “Delighted to be recognized for what has been 3.5 years of research, experimentation, productization and commercialization of our patented AI Model Insights Platform.”

We see AI Governance as pivotal to any organization implementing AI. As one recent exec remarked, without understanding the ins and outs of an AI model you are shooting in the dark. AI Governance has the potential to be the next billion-dollar market that will allow business leaders to sleep easy at night.

A short product video of AI Model Insights in action can be found here:

The full Gartner report is available here:

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