Chatterbox Labs are proud to have collaborated with the World Economic Forum (WEF) team on the Responsible Use of Technology project, resulting in the WEF’s release of the Ethics by Design report.

The Responsible Use of Technology initiative of the World Economic Forum brings together experts and practitioners from the private sector, government, civil society and academic to co-design actionable tools for improving the responsible development, deployment and adoption of technology, drawing on the learning of organizations already pursuing promising approaches.

The report captures best practices and insights to enable organizations to build structure and culture that promote the responsible development, deployment, and adoption of technology.

The report integrates psychology and behavioral economics findings to help shape decisions to prompt better and more ethical behaviours. Findings and recommendations were gathered through in-depth interviews with leaders representing private sector and civil society organizations, as well as market research.

As Chatterbox Labs' AI Model Insights software platform is designed to deliver trustworthy and fair AI across large Enterprise organizations, the team were able to feed our real-world experiences of AI ethics into the project.

The report highlights three Ethics by Design principles: Attention, Construal and Motivation. When dealing with Artificial Intelligence technologies, these principles become even more valid. Informed decision making on the ethical use of AI is not the responsibility of just one department (such as data science) and as such we promote a multi-stakeholder approach to AI Governance.

The report, 'Ethics by Design: An organizational approach to responsible use of technology', can be found here:

About Chatterbox Labs

Chatterbox Labs are an Enterprise software company whose patented AI Model Insights platform:

  • Deciphers black box AI Models with 5 pillars of AI insights
  • Reduces risk, enhances trust and scales production
  • Embraces AI governance with multi-stakeholder management
  • Is vendor neutral and works with any AI model
  • Facilitates adherence to AI regulation
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