The world of machine learning & artificial intelligence is awash with software and tools. They offer a plethora of algorithms and all the constituent components of various neural networks that can be tied together. Many are open source and freely available, but for our partners they miss a critical point: they are aimed at experienced Data Scientists, not Subject Matter Experts.

Don’t get me wrong, we need Data Scientists to work in the evolving AI world, develop bespoke consumer applications and experiment with the moon shots. However, there is a recognised shortage of well-trained Data Scientists; the result of this is that those that are available are expensive and hard to retain, and projects often get stuck in the science project phase with no tangible outcomes.

In the Enterprise machine learning world, our partners focus on repeatable business outcomes that can be achieved with Subject Matter Experts in just days. Using Chatterbox Labs’ Cognitive Technologies the traditional execution model that takes in the region of 6 – 9 months to develop a bespoke solution with Data Scientists is shortened to one week. The Cognitive Engine takes over everything – all you need is a Subject Matter Expert to define the repeatable business case and the engine will automate the process of selecting the right parameters and training machine learning models.

As Enterprise data is often private and secure, this all happens inside the partner’s firewall; that is, we bring the code to the data not the other way around. We deploy our source code on your infrastructure so that you remain in full control and can embed it into your own applications should you wish. There are no complicated setup requirements and the software will run on any standard server hardware with the Java Virtual Machine.

The era of expensive science projects is over, it time to get serious and drive business value with machine learning.

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