Chatterbox Labs has been working towards solving XAI for numerous years.

Many companies are claiming to be making breakthroughs in the area of XAI, however, our view is that unless you’ve excellent academic credentials, world class research scientists & world class product engineers, teams resort to infusing a single academic algorithm into a product offering – an approach that doesn’t cut it.

What we have seen are numerous white papers, frameworks and conferences that outline a plethora of potential XAI solutions, however, to date real world products with simple execution are non-existent. Most are still at the science stage of the product life cycle.

What an enterprise client truly craves is an industry accepted software execution mechanism for subject matter experts (business users) to be able to derive explainable answers from.

Chatterbox Labs has simplified XAI to such an extent that our 3 APIs will meet Enterprise needs for a subject matter expert (business users) to obtain explainable outcomes in hours.

Our Text API release was the hardest of them all, yet the opportunity we saw was that 80% of the XAI market that exists today is text related (wide ranging use cases). Our Mixed Data and Image APIs are going through final testing before being released mid-November 2019.

The biggest opportunity of all is unlocking existing AI assets that are business critical, yet, still unexplainable. There is no need to change anything within your existing AI set-up as our XAI APIs will sit as a layer above what is already in place.

In a world where XAI is so important to the Enterprise we’re pleased to announce that Chatterbox Labs has made XAI APIs accessible for all.

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