Today more than ever enterprises are seeking immediate value from AI investments.

Most enterprises have made significant AI investments yet continue to struggle with real world implementation of “why did the machine make its decision” and next best action.

In order to deliver real-world AI, the fundamental and critical phases of ideation, experimentation, engineering and productization can take anything from 6 months through to 18 months to implement.

We at Chatterbox Labs don’t believe enterprises have this amount of time to wait. Deploying Explainable AI software as a layer on top of or alongside your existing AI assets takes minutes.

Having spent 4+ years building our Explainable AI software platform we’re ideally placed to demonstrate explainable AI outcomes within 4 hours and deploy our software in minutes.

Our technical business process is complete within 2 interactions:

  1. Share a one-hour phone call to discuss existing AI use case (models and data)
  2. Share a zoom conference for 3 hours to demonstrate your AI models being explained live

We are solving wide ranging AI challenges cross industry and here is why enterprises work with us:

  • Auditing, tracing & explaining any AI model (including your existing AI systems) with novel methods
  • Regulation. GDPR, FTC & ICO require automated decisioning to be individually explained
  • Enterprise grade XAI software platform that does not rely upon the use of SHAP, LIME and ANCHOR XAI methods
  • Unifying disparate AI systems by offering explainability for text (first in the world to do so), numerical, categorical and image data in a seamless to use UI
  • Identifying AI model drift & bias
  • To provide executives with real world and human interpretable understanding of AI models prior to production release (i.e. managed risk)

We would love nothing more than to take 4 hours of your time to explain your AI models.

Please contact us to arrange a proof of value exercise at your convenience.

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