Our CTO, Dr Stuart Battersby, joined leaders from around the world in The Hague in February 2023 to present at the REAIM conference on Responsible AI.  You can see the talk below:

How to Scale Responsible AI Across Government & Military

Read any article about AI today and you’re likely to be reminded of the need for Responsible AI. Implementing small scale experiments is one thing, but how should large military and governmental organizations ensure that all their AI systems are operating in a responsible manner? This presentation will frame the problem and give recommendations of how a combination of people, process and technology can ensure that cross-functional teams (including non-data scientists) in large military units can repeatably make informed, ethical decisions on their AI models and data. In order to demonstrate concrete steps that can be taken, the presentation will conclude with a demonstration of Chatterbox Labs’ AIMI platform which independently verifies AI models and data.

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