Ethical, Fair and Trustworthy AI is a hot subject for very good reason.

The unintended consequences of AI for individuals, societies and organizations are huge:

Individuals Organizations Society
Physical Safety Financial Performance National Security
Privacy & Reputation Nonfinancial Performance Economic Stability
Digital Safety Legal & Compliance Political Stability
Financial Health Reputational Integrity Infrastructure Integrity
Equity & Fair Treatment

Managing Multiple Vendors

The Enterprise AI landscape is awash with different AI clouds, AI platforms, AI tools and AI frameworks. So, which one do you choose?

The reality is that Enterprise organizations that use AI do not lock in one vendor or put all their eggs in one basket.

There are many great clouds, platforms, tools and frameworks that, when combined, deliver the excellent outcomes that enterprise business leaders seek. The surrounding AI eco system changes so frequently that keeping abreast of new developments and breakthroughs in AI is pivotal to ongoing success.

We foresee that the enterprise will continue to adopt best in class opportunities, whether that be cloud, platform, tool or framework.  With that comes the question: how does an enterprise support, maintain and verify that their AI is responsible across so many different vendor enterprise offerings?

Independent AI Governance

The tools, people and process used to govern AI must have a level of independence from those that built it.  One should not mark their own homework!

Delivering responsible AI that is independent and agnostic of cloud, platform, tool or framework is pivotal for:

  • reviewing existing AI (either in labs or in production)
  • taking new AI use cases to market
  • ensuring a consistent governance process with minimal support

Independent validation is critical to success. Ask yourselves..

  • Should Data Analysts and Data Scientists be validating their own work?
  • An AI multi-stakeholder review process for governance, legal, compliance and regulatory should be consistent and seamless. How does yours align and stack up today?
  • Leadership has to understand the unintended consequences (risks) of AI, period. How quick, informative and scalable are your AI insights and AI reporting?

AI Model Insights (AIMI) platform

Chatterbox Labs' patented AI Model Insights Platform (AIMI) is independent and agnostic across:

  • Any AI Model
  • Any AI Cloud
  • Any AI Platform
  • Aligns with any AI Framework

AIMI independently delivers enterprise scale insights, so that you can ensure your AI is responsible across any vendor AI offering that is already in situ.

Here is a short video of AIMI in action:

We can demonstrate responsible and independent AI insights enterprises crave today.

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