Building intelligent AI solutions from the ground up is hard. There are some excellent, and deeply complex, tools out there which could, in the right circumstances be used to build excellent solutions. These tools rely on many building blocks but there are two that are critical:

  1. Good quality data to fuel them. Typically, this means Gold Standard Data
  2. Excellent staff to build them. Typically, this means PhD educated Data Scientists

Unfortunately, these two things are in short supply in the business world. Even with the best of intentions and the best business justification, without the critical building blocks projects rarely flourish. It’s like acquiring a private jet, without any pilots or fuel. Your new jet will be staying on the tarmac.

So, how do we solve this?

One route, and it’s a valid route, is to recruit heavily and redefine all your business processes to collect the necessary data. The problems here are two-fold:

  1. Time. This is going to take years. Solutions are needed now.
  2. Money. This is expensive. Where is the ROI?

Another route (which is not mutually exclusive from the first) is to consider using software to overcome the hurdles.

  • Synthetic Data. We can synthesize data is various forms which accelerates the data collection strategy. For example, we can synthesize text using Subject Matter Expert’s knowledge, or we can create huge new datasets by observing and synthesizing from a much smaller one.
  • AutoML. We can accelerate the work of the core Data Science team and empower non-Data Scientists by automating a significant chunk of the work. Instead of manually building AI solutions, let the software build them for you.

At Chatterbox Labs we build Enterprise AI software, but we do it differently to other companies. We are acutely aware of the challenges business face in the real-world; for users of our software the end game is driving business value with Artificial Intelligence not the Artificial Intelligence software itself.

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