There is a contradiction going on in the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence marketplace today.

On the one hand people and corporations are becoming much more aware of their private data. Nobody can miss the high profile and public misuses of data that currently dominate media headlines. Be it social network data, retail client data or commercially sensitive documents, the effects of a breach or data misuse case on the Enterprise that has a responsibility to protect this data are great.

On the other hand, new AI companies operate in the cloud which, whilst having the benefit of minimal setup, requires Enterprise customers to release control of their sensitive data and push it across the public web.

If this is not a non-starter for companies today, with the current awareness of data protection responsibilities it will soon be.

Note this is not a push back against cloud technology, far from it in fact and there is nothing wrong with running your operations in your own secure cloud. Instead it is a push back against releasing control of your data; it is a push back against losing the audit trail of who can access the data, when the data can be accessed and the security measures in place to protect that data.

When sensitive data is moved out of your control into someone else’s cloud you have two risk factors:

1. It is intercepted in transmission across the public web

2. You are no longer able to protect that data with your own policies

At Chatterbox Labs we build Enterprise Artificial Intelligence software that empowers Subject Matter Experts to deliver results within days.

Of relevance here is that we take a very different approach to engaging with our Enterprise customers. Rather than requiring you to hand over all your data, we never see it. Instead we bring our software to your data. In this way your data never leaves your chosen secure environment, it never touches the public web and you remain fully in control of it. Our software never reports home and never shares anything back to us – in fact you could run it completely isolated from the public web if you chose to.

If you’d like to find out how our software can accelerate your data science initiatives whilst keeping you in control of your data, please contact [email protected].

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