While AI offer many positive benefits, they can also lead to significant unintended consequences.

AI is at a tipping point. Without ethical guidelines, regulatory standards & data driven insights, how will individuals, organizations and society learn to trust AI systems?

In particular, fairness and bias are “grey areas” within AI that have significant consequences. Bias often starts at a human level, then ends up being multiplied up by a machine that interprets the thoughts of a human (that never had any intention of causing harm in the first place). In some use cases bias needs to exist to achieve a fair and impartial outcome that is safe, robust, ethical and trustworthy.

A significant amount of research is taking place to ensure AI is ethical, trustworthy and understood. However AI systems that validate / police AI themselves are thin on the ground.

AI research and the realism of deploying Enterprise AI are intertwined and should work seamlessly together in unison, but the reality is most organizations are only now starting to take ethical and trustworthy AI seriously. The balance of getting this mix right is significant to avoid the type of high profile “war of words” seen in the public domain between Google research teams and their leadership group.

Trustworthy and Ethical AI strategic initiatives involve wide ranging stakeholders; scientists, researchers, engineers, compliance, risk, legal, governance, ethics and regulatory teams should all have a seat at the table pre and post deployment of any AI system.

Interestingly there are varying levels of AI maturity within the enterprise. Whether you are at the beginning of an enterprise AI journey (experimental / POC stage) or have many AI models running live in production, every organization needs to understand that AI is a never ending lifecycle (and that AI systems will continuously learn). With this in mind, factual data driven insights and constant monitoring are what will ensure AI systems remain ethical and trustworthy.

Chatterbox Labs’ patented AI Model Insights Platform (AIMI) powers Ethical, Trustworthy and Fair AI insights that are a factual representation of your AI models. Our platform works with any AI model and for those working in highly regulated industries we gladly open up our IP to ensure you have a full and transparent audit of every AI model built.

If you are looking for Ethical, Trustworthy and Fair AI we’re here to support your AI journey.

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