Trustworthy AI is the number priority for business leaders for very good reason.

Despite all the advances made with AI in academic breakthroughs, experimentation, methods, model build, accuracy, precision, recall and feature importance enterprises are still seeking greater insights into their AI models whether still in development or live in a production environment. Recalling AI models appears to be a common and recurring theme!

AI is a moving target, therefore feeding AI models new data constantly runs risks; these could be new biases, poor traceability and explainability, or the in-ability to action and reverse decisions prior to production, not to mention adding any new vulnerabilities within the AI model itself. Constant monitoring of AI models is required… btw not many enterprises are doing so today.

Many companies are offering AI Frameworks to solve the missing ingredients of a defined AI business process (that is, trying to reduce the 90% failure rate of AI programmes and projects). Without software producing data and insights from their own AI models, this approach is flawed and just another AI accident waiting to happen.

The reality is that business leaders now make tough but informed decisions based on facts using their own AI models within their own domain. The days of business leaders being led by theoretical science are over (too many mistakes and hundreds of millions have been wasted on big bets that are still in the lab).  Being in control of their business processes is nothing new, but we are seeing a market shift in how business leaders are taking ownership and accountability of AI across the enterprise.

The Chatterbox Labs Al Model Insights Platform (AIMI) was built for business users and executives who want to protect, de-risk, score bias and explain Al outcomes in order to avoid the systemic flaws associated with implementing Al in an enterprise environment without truly understanding their own attributes of their AI models.

All 5 pillars within the AIMI platform (Explain, Trace, Action, Fairness & Vulnerabilities) will deliver immediate insight into your AI models to ensure your enterprise AI initiatives are truly validated and understood within minutes. In some cases, we see enterprises utilizing all 5 pillars, for others we see a mix of the pillars solving wide ranging concerns.

If you would like to see AIMI in action, then please schedule a 30 minute demo with our sales team by contacting us below.

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