We’re pleased to share an article, published on Venturebeat, by Chatterbox Labs’ CTO, Dr Stuart Battersby.

The article, How stakeholder capitalism and AI ethics go hand in hand, introduces stakeholder capitalism, the recently announced ESG metrics and draws a link to AI ethics showing that the principles and goals of both go hand in hand.

From the article:

“Given the role that technology has within business, it is impossible to overlook the growing impact that artificial intelligence will have in society and the parallels to the discussion of stakeholder capitalism. Many businesses are transitioning from a goal of pure profit to more inclusive and responsible goals of stakeholder capitalism. In AI we are also at the start of a transition – one that moves from the goal of maximizing pure accuracy to goals that are inclusive and responsible. In fact, given the prevalence of AI technologies across businesses, they will become critical components of stakeholder capitalism.”

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