Webinar: How to assess the fairness of your AI models – live demonstration

When: 30th June 2021 @ 11am EST

Cost: Free

Duration: 30 minutes

Bias & fairness within AI models are key topics of conversation, regulation and guidance. AI models should not have unwanted bias against sensitive attributes, sometime called protected classes. However, what practical steps should you take to assess the fairness of your AI models?

This short webinar will define two types of AI fairness: 1) Allocation and 2) Quality of Service. Via a live demonstration (targeted not just at data scientists but also business users), you will see how to assess both types of fairness against your AI models (whether at the beginning of your AI journey or with models live in production).

A critical aspect of measuring AI fairness within the enterprise is to ensure that the technology used is AI model agnostic. The demonstration will show that, regardless of what type of AI models you have built already (or are planning for the future), you are able to repeat this process at enterprise scale across your organization.

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